Zebra Mildliner Double-sided Highlighters Set /Twin Tip/ 5 colors/ 3 colors set



  • Soft Colors - Attract attention without being overwhelming
  • Double Sided - Wide range of unique pastel colors
  • Long lasting - Zebra Mildliner ink does not fade or discolor over time

Zebra Mildliner double-sided highlighters feature a wide range of unique colors that show up softly on the page, attracting attention without being overwhelming.

Blue Box: Mild-green, Mild-red, Mild-dark blue, Mild-violet, Mild-gray

Pink Box : Mild-blue, Mild-green, Mild-orange, Mild-pink, Mild-yellow

Yellow Box : Mild-brown, Mild-vermilion, Mild-gold, Mild-smoke blue, Mild-magenta

Pink Box 3 colors: Mild Pink, Mild Yellow, Mild Green

Orange Box: Mild Coral Pink, Mild Cyan Blue, Mild Lemon Yellow, Mild Dark Gray, and Mild Apricot.

Green Box: Mild Lavender, Mild Summer Green, Mild Citrus Green, Mild Marie Gold, and Mild Fuchsia.

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