SunnyHills Pineapple Cake 微熱山丘鳳梨酥 微热山丘凤梨酥



These cakes have No Preservatives and only last 15 days.  
We use EMS Express Shipping which Guarantees Fresh Delivery within 5 days or less! 

  • Made with 100% local Taiwanese Wild Pineapples
  • Artisan Hand Crafted exclusively by SunnyHills and enjoyed by fans all over the world
  • Tart pineapple filling bursting with tangy pineapple flavor   
  • Freshness Guaranteed - The freshest cakes direct from SunnyHills store in Taipei
  • Fast Express Shipping - Fresh from the Oven to your Door in 3 to 5 days /w Tracking  

The Original Wild Pineapple Cake

Not only are the cakes of SunnyHills made from 100% freshly harvested Taiwanese Wild Pineapple and purest of ingredients. They're also artisan Hand-crafted using special techniques only found in traditional local farmhouse hearth cooking.  Now you can enjoy SunnyHills Pineapple Cake made from the indigenous sun-ripened pineapple of Taiwan.
Nourished by sunshine and rich-red-clay, the Taiwanese pineapples grown on Eight Trigram Mountain (Ba Gua San) are nutritional and bursting with mouth-watering tangy sweetness.  No winter-melon candy paste is used to make these cakes, making them less sweet but brighter tasting cake with pronounced pineapple flavor. Known as "Wild Pineapple Cake" in Taiwan, they've become the pineapple cake of choice for those who prefer a less sweet alternative to the venerable ChiaTe Pineapple cakes.


Pack Size: 10 cakes per box.  Individually wrapped in freshness seal.

Estimated Shipping Time: (not including customs clearance time and weekends)
Orders received before 10AM Taiwan Local Time (GMT+8) will receive their Pineapple Cakes according to the following schedule:

 USA 3 to 5 Days
Canada 3 to 5 Days
UK 3 to 5 Days
Australia & New Zealand 3 to 5 Days
Europe 3 to 5 Days
Africa 21 to 30 Days
Asia 3 to 5 Days
Please note that customs delays may occur. Buyer is responsible for all custom fees if applicable.

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